How to avoid vaginal discharge in football

As football players prepare to start practicing for the first time in their lives, it’s important to know how to prevent pregnancy.

In a new video series, Italian football coach Andrea Agnelli is in a position to advise his players, and it’s clear that he’s got some good advice on how to keep their vagina healthy. 

The video series “Vaginal Discharge in Football” is aimed at women who are pregnant and trying to become mothers.

The goal of the series is to help women to avoid pregnancy while preparing for and participating in football.

“There are different ways of handling the condition, but I think that it is best to avoid it and not to use the technique of vaginal discharge,” Agnellis video says.

“It is a common problem for athletes in general, and particularly for women of this age, because it is very stressful.

I am not a doctor, so I can only advise this for the women who have an advanced state of pregnancy.”

The video also reveals that there are some important things to keep in mind.

“Do not do anything to your body, do not urinate or defecate, do NOT eat, drink, and do NOT exercise,” it says. 

If you’re pregnant and feel like urinating, it is important to use a sanitary towel, and to not touch your body.

The video also advises against “dancing around” during the game.

“For those who are not pregnant and are still trying to have a baby, don’t wear any sort of clothing, and if you want to play, you must stay in the locker room for the duration of the game,” it advises.

“If you are pregnant, please do not play.

The doctors advise that if you are to continue playing, you should stay in hospital and for two weeks after your procedure, in order to minimize the risk of complications.”

As well as avoiding vaginal discharge, the video also explains the various signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

“During your pregnancy you can also experience cramps, cramping or pain, fever, nausea, fatigue and diarrhea,” it continues.

“Do not drink alcohol, and keep the temperature below 33 degrees Celsius.

Vagina discharge is a symptom of pregnancy, so avoid it as much as possible. “

Do NOT have any sexual intercourse, do absolutely NOT take any medicines, and don’t use any drugs during pregnancy,” it concludes.

“Vagina discharge is a symptom of pregnancy, so avoid it as much as possible.

If this is not possible, try to avoid the condition as much and as often as possible,” it adds. 

“Pregnancy is a very complicated experience and a difficult time.

The doctor may tell you that it’s not possible or not possible to be happy, but this is the truth,” Agollis video concludes. 

Source: Football Italiano via Football Italo

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