Dog pregnancy test results are in: Dog pregnancies are more common than people think

The odds of being pregnant with a dog are higher than you think, according to a new study.

According to the new study, which looked at data from more than 1,300 pregnant dogs, the average dog is about three months pregnant with an average of one litter of puppies per year.

That’s far higher than people realize, according the study’s lead author, Dr. Jodi Stahl, an associate professor of medicine at Boston University.

Stahl, who conducted the study with her doctoral advisor Dr. Emily Krasinski, says the study does not take into account the many factors that can influence the odds of a dog becoming pregnant.

Stoll says the findings are consistent with previous studies that have found dogs to be less likely to be pregnant when their owners are not aware of the dog’s pregnancy status.

“If people were to think they were going to have a puppy, they’re not going to get one.

That makes them more vulnerable to having a child who’s not getting a puppy,” she said.”

The risk of getting pregnant with any dog is higher when they’re under socialization and they’re in a situation where they’re getting their cues from their parents,” she continued.”

So, I think that’s one of the reasons why they’re less likely when you’re getting a social cue from your parents.

And if you’re not aware that you’re pregnant, then you’re more likely to think it’s a dog.

But that’s not the case.”

Dr. Janna Smith, the director of the Dog Pregnancy Prevention Center at the University of Kentucky, agrees.

“We’re not saying that dogs are not pregnant,” Smith said.

“We’re saying that we’re not looking at what the dogs are doing when they are pregnant, we’re looking at how they’re behaving when they aren’t.”

Dr Stahl said she and her colleagues wanted to find out what the relationship between dogs and pregnancy was.

“There are many different factors that are associated with whether a dog is going to become pregnant,” she explained.

“Some of those factors may be behavioral, like the amount of time that a dog spends on a litter, how much the dog is socialized, how it’s interacted with.

These are things that can all contribute to how pregnant dogs are.”

Another thing is a genetic factor.

So if you have a dog that’s going to be a good example of what you’d expect from a dog with an elevated risk for pregnancy, then that dog is more likely than not to be carrying a dog in utero,” she added.

In this video, Dr Janna Stahl discusses the new research published in the journal PLoS ONE.

Source: Wired | Photos: AP

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