‘My heart was in my throat’: Heartbreak early pregnancy causes migraines

A mum’s emotional turmoil during pregnancy is forcing her to seek medical advice from a doctor to get the medication she needs to get through her first pregnancy.

Key points:A pregnant woman in her late 20s has taken her own life, leaving behind a family of three with her baby’s father, who also suffers from depression and anxietyTravelling with her pregnant partner, a nurse says she is “overwhelmed” by the responseThe woman had been due to give birth at the end of February and was now due to deliver in April but is still feeling anxious and unable to function, a Queensland nurse said.

A mother of three in her mid-20s, who has not been named, had taken her life while pregnant in April 2016.

Her partner had also been suffering from depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder and was prescribed medication.

“We’ve been struggling for a long time with her illness and depression,” said Queensland’s Health Commissioner Dr Andrew Scott.

“I’ve had people say they’ve seen a psychiatrist and they haven’t seen a doctor for some time.”

She’s been in hospital three times.

She’s a very difficult person.

“The nurse said the woman’s partner was suffering from an “overwhelming amount of anxiety and panic attacks” and was “in a state of severe grief”.”

She doesn’t speak to anyone, she doesn’t go to the toilet, she is extremely stressed and overwhelmed by her condition,” she said.”

There are other people who are similarly affected.

“It’s a real shock to see.”

Dr Scott said the patient was referred to the Queensland Pregnancy and Childbirth Centre, where a nurse attended.

“This is a woman who was in severe grief and anxiety.

She needed help and it was through a local GP who was able to get her to the appropriate services and to get medication,” he said.

The woman’s mother, who was not named, was at home with her daughter in June, and was due to have her first child with her husband, who suffers from mental illness.

“The baby has a father who also has bipolar disorder, but this has been a very traumatic experience for her and for her family,” Dr Scott said.

In March, Queensland Health said it had identified a mother of two who had died of an “unknown cause”.

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