Early pregnancy pregnancy? ‘I just didn’t care’

A couple in Calgary has been living with the knowledge that their pregnancy has been detected early.

It started with a tip from a friend, and the couple says their fears were realised by an ultrasound that showed their fetus was developing before it was detected.

But after six months of not knowing, they decided to go to the doctor.

“I just kind of went into it knowing that we were pregnant,” said Brittany Goudreau.

She was 16 weeks pregnant when she got a text from a stranger who was concerned about the birth of her child.

“The guy was like, ‘Oh my gosh, my baby is about to be born and we don’t know what’s going on.'”

We were like, that’s not what we wanted to hear,” she said.

Goudreau says the doctor told her that they would just wait until it was safe to give her a birth control shot.

But she says she didn’t want to wait, so she called the Calgary Health and Wellness Centre, and she was told the birth had already been confirmed.”

It was really scary,” she says.”

He said, ‘You know what, we don,t want to rush things, so we’ll wait until we can confirm the birth,'” said Goudrie.”

We had a good conversation with him, and we went in there and we did a lot of testing and a lot more to make sure.

“Goudrie says it wasn’t until they went back to the clinic for an ultrasound, that they learned the ultrasound had also detected early pregnancy.”

That was really cool,” she laughed.”

They had all the blood work, all the other tests done, but the ultrasound that they showed was just kind, like, a blank space.

And it was really frustrating.

“Girdreau says her health care provider, who was on vacation, took the couple’s case.”

So we went to the hospital and it was a really difficult process,” she recalled.”

And then, one day, we were at home and we had a beautiful ultrasound.

And the ultrasound technician, he just said, this is awesome.

I just felt so blessed.

“The couple says they are very thankful for the ultrasound, and that it gave them hope.”

In our case, it was just because we were trying to keep that baby in the womb, but we were still having that conversation that we didn’t know if we were going to be able to have that child,” said Girdreau.”

This has allowed us to make a decision to try and have a child with our own hands and just let that be our child.

“Gladreau says she hopes to have another child in the future, and hopes to keep living with that knowledge.”

Just like the doctor said, I just don’t care, because I know I’ll be happy,” she concluded.

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