The Irish Government’s plans for drug safety are ‘bogus’

The Irish government has announced a raft of new drug safety measures to deal with a pandemic of flu.

Key points:The government is considering a range of measures to improve the safety of medication in the coming weeksDr.

Brian Fitzpatrick, director of the Department of Health, said:This is an important issue.

We want to be able to provide the medication that is right for the individual patient, but also the family.

So far, we have seen a number of steps taken to increase the safety and efficacy of medication.

In particular, we are considering a number in our portfolio that will be of benefit to the population.

Dr Fitzpatrick said it was important that drug companies and other stakeholders were involved in the development of new regulations.

However, he said there were also a number measures that were currently being considered, such as a ban on the use of any new drugs in the EU.

These measures are not yet finalised but they will include measures to protect the interests of patients and families.

We also recognise that, given the current pandemic, the Government must also take a range the safety implications of any medication in its portfolio, particularly for children.

The Government’s drugs and medical devices strategy has already been approved by the European Commission.

It is intended to be a broad approach to the regulation of pharmaceutical products, including the safety assessments of new medicines.

It also includes new measures to help companies ensure that their products are safe to use.

The plan is for the Government to be in contact with industry to review and update existing regulatory and safety guidelines in the next few weeks.

Dr FitzPatrick said the strategy was a significant step forward in the area of drug safety.

He said it would also help to ensure that drugs are used in a safe manner for people with health conditions that might need to be treated with them.

The strategy is expected to include a range on drug safety that includes new regulations to be put in place.

The new drugs and devices strategy will be introduced as part of the Government’s 2017 budget.

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