Pregnancy support belts – The reality of what it means to be a pregnant woman in India

Indian women who have been stuck in labour for too long may be getting a bit desperate after reading reports that a growing number of them have been wearing pregnancy support belts.

The new trend is becoming increasingly popular with the population and is being observed by many people in the community, especially women who are in labor and can’t walk out of the house.

A recent survey by The Hindu found that a whopping 45 per cent of women who go to the hospital during the first trimester are wearing the support belt.

A third of women also said they use the belt to make sure their baby is born healthy.

The study also said that women who use a pregnancy support belt also said it is a great way to keep in touch with their partners, and to keep their children from being born premature.

This is the first time that this trend has been observed in India, according to Dr Jatin Bhattacharya, a medical student at the Tata Memorial Institute of Medical Sciences.

“It is very difficult to get pregnant when you are so weak,” she said.

Dr Bhattacarya said that the use of pregnancy support bracelets in India is a way of expressing support and a way to be proud of your body.

“Pregnancy support is a wonderful way to show that you are capable and strong, especially if you are in a labor and delivery position.”

I can’t express how proud I am of the way my family has embraced my pregnancy support,” said one of the respondents in the study.

The first-time mothers in India often face a lot of stress during the pregnancy.

While it is expected that they will have a lot to worry about, the lack of support is the most difficult to cope with, said Dr Bhattakary, who has worked as a maternal-health expert in the public health field for the past 15 years.

The Indian government has launched a programme called Pregnancy Support Belt for all pregnant women to help them overcome the stress.

The programme includes the following items to help keep the new mother in good spirits:  A pregnancy support bracelet that keeps the new woman alert and encourages her to stay in the hospital to deliver her baby. 

A bracelet that shows her pregnancy status, including whether the baby is healthy and whether the pregnancy is progressing. 

An anklet that keeps her mobile phone contact list and makes it easy for her to contact her family. 

The mother’s support kit includes a pill, a cloth and a baby-sitting mat. 

Pregnancy and maternity care centers in India are being built in cities, towns and villages to cater to the growing demand for help during pregnancy. 

In some cities, pregnancy care centres are being set up to provide support to pregnant women, while in other areas, the mothers are being given medical assistance and counseling to deal with the issues that are common to all women during pregnancy and birth.

According to Dr Bhat, women who choose to wear a pregnancy belt also get to show support for the health of their newborn.”

We also need to make women feel proud that they are capable, confident and healthy and help them to stay calm during this stressful time.”

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