How to get a pregnancy test at Wal-Mart

Wal-mart pregnancy tests are available through the online store.

To get a Wal-Marts pregnancy test, you’ll need to have the following items:1.

A Wal-marts pregnancy kit, which is a plastic bottle with a lid that’s secured with a zip-tie.2.

A small paper card that says “Pregnancy test, pregnancy test,” on top.3.

A plastic, reusable syringe that fits inside the kit.4.

A paper test strip that fits snugly into the plastic syringe.5.

A piece of cotton, about a foot long.6.

A condom pouch.7.

An adhesive bandage.8.

A swab, about two inches long.9.

A measuring cup.10.

A needle.11.

A disposable measuring tape.12.

A tissue.13.

A cotton pad or towel.14.

A towel.15.

A bottle opener.16.

A safety pin.17.

A bandana.18.

A tape measure.19.

A pencil.20.

A pad or cloth.21.

A ruler.22.

A pen.23.

A brush.24.

A cloth or towel towel.25.

A candle.26.

A comb.27.

A sponge.28.

A thread.29.

A string.30.

A ballpoint pen.31.

A scissors.32.

A hairbrush.33.

A pair of scissors.34.

A tube.35.

A rubber band.36.

A bag.37.

A sheet.38.

A sewing kit.39.

A toilet tissue.40.

A box of tissues.41.

A cleaning cloth.42.

A soap and water.43.

A mask.44.

A water bottle.45.

A toothbrush.46.

A mirror.47.

A pillow.48.

A blanket.49.

A baby wipe.50.

A diaper.51.

A jar.52.

A pack of tissues (including the baby wipes).53.

A container with a tube inside.54.

A newspaper.55.

A hand towel.56.

A roll of toilet paper.57.

A washcloth.58.

A shampoo.59.

A makeup sponge.60.

A bar of soap.61.

A nail polish remover.62.

A shaving cream.63.

A vacuum cleaner.64.

A coffee filter.65.

A rag.66.

A wet washcloth or a cloth towel.67.

A laundry bag.68.

A tarp.69.

A large plastic bag.70.

A sock.71.

A cup.72.

A shoe box.73.

A shower curtain.74.

A backpack.75.

A bucket.76.

A hat.77.

A mattress.78.

A dryer.79.

A washing machine.80.

A fire extinguisher.81.

A flashlight.82.

A cigarette lighter.83.

A lighter.84.

A match.85.

A light bulb.86.

A torch.87.

A garden hose.88.

A paintbrush.89.

A can of paint.90.

A screwdriver.91.

A metal pipe.92.

A coin.93.

A marker.94.

A razor blade.95.

A knife.96.

A glue gun.97.

A wrench.98.

A hammer.99.

A machete.100.

A tire.101.

A spoon.102.

A wooden stick.103.

A pipe wrench.104.

A rope.105.

A saw.106.

A hose clamp.107.

A fork.108.

A shovel.109.

A rock.110.

A stone.111.

A stick of dynamite.112.

A stake.113.

A crossbow bolt.114.

A chain.115.

A cord.116.

A long piece of string.117.

A bowstring.118.

A pole.119.

A sling.120.

A spear.121.

A bolt gun.122.

A hunting knife.123.

A scissor.124.

A hook and line.125.

A twig.126.

A spade.127.

A compass.128.

A gunpowder cartridge.129.

A pistol.130.

A shotgun.131.

A rifle.132.

A pepper spray.133.

A crowbar.134.

A chainsaw.135.

A pickaxe.136.

A mallet.137.

A drill bit.138.

A jigsaw.139.

A dremel.140.

A router.141.

A mill.142.

A sander.143.

A chisel.144.

A sanding block.145.

A table saw.146.

A power saw.147.

A file.148.

A hobby knife.149.

A scrapbook.150.

A binoculars.151.

A magnifying glass.152.

A camera.153.

A telescope.154.A digital

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